Spring is when the year really starts to take off and get energized, so channeling some of that energy into prepping your home for a sale can only benefit you! By taking the time to audit, organize, and clean your property, you’re showing potential buyers (and your Realtor) that you mean business. Keep reading for why spring cleaning your home for sale should be on your seasonal checklist!

Value Your Home’s Value!

By giving your property some extra TLC before potential buyers have even stepped foot inside for an open house tour, you’re showcasing the quality of your home and more importantly, its value. If there’s a lack of attention or detail in your home, that will most likely show – potential homeowners take in ALL the details to see themselves in the space. Taking the time to organize, depersonalize, and leave a good first impression reflects onto your asking price since people will be comparing what they see with the dollar amount you’re hoping for!

Put a Spotlight on the Special Features!

This is where your Realtor will have lots to say. If there’s a specific amenity or feature on your property that you would like to showcase, be sure to let your agent know! From staging and rearranging to deep cleaning, they’ll have ideas for how to properly market your home’s special features. For example, does your home have a pool or a big backyard? A grand kitchen? Maybe lots of bedroom space that’s blocked by personal items? Team up with your Realtor and figure out a game plan, especially if warmer temperatures and more sunny days are in the forecast!

Start Prepping for Your Own Move!

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to reflect on your current inventory of furniture, appliances, and belongings, and determine what’s really worth the journey to your new home! Consider renting a storage unit to use for those extra moving boxes or last-minute drop-offs before an open house. Depersonalizing the property is an important part of the selling process, so if there are items you are set on keeping, get those out of the way first so you can focus on smaller tasks later on!

Whether you’re merely entertaining the idea of selling your home or are in a rush to get ready for your first open house, keep these spring cleaning tips in mind for any time of the year! 

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