Marketing a luxury home in real estate requires a strategic and targeted approach, one that can only be done with an experienced Realtor like Shonnie Jones by your side. It takes a lot more than taking good photos and vetting potential buyers to make your home stand out, so keep reading for some steps you’ll take when you choose us for your real estate!

1. Finding Out Who Your Target Audience Is

Understanding who the potential buyers are is crucial in marketing a luxury home. Identify the demographics, lifestyle, and preferences of your target audience and your Realtor will tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. Take into account your property’s location, neighbors, local amenities and happenings, and who you think the home will suit!

2. Taking Professional Photos & Videos

High-quality photography and videography are essential to showcase the luxury home’s features and amenities, especially if your home is unique! A professional photographer who specializes in luxury real estate will capture the property’s beauty and uniqueness, and your Realtor will have the connections needed to get this done in a timely, efficient manner. That way, your listing goes above and beyond the moment it’s set live!

3. Describing Your Property Well

Creating a compelling and informative listing description that highlights the luxury home’s unique features and amenities is crucial to the marketing of your property. You and your Realtor will work together to ensure the home is conveyed through words in a way that stands out AND captures the essence of the property.

4. Taking Advantage of the Digital Landscape

Digital marketing is a huge factor to showcase your property to a broader audience. Utilizing social media like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok can give you more eyes on your listing, and email marketing will keep potential buyers in the know of the luxury home. Don’t forget about search engine optimization, which leverages keywords in search engines toward more clicks and views on your listing!

5. Hosting Events

Open houses, tours, and private showings can create excitement and generate interest among potential buyers. Your Realtor will work with you on a game plan to focus events on your target audience and keep the momentum going with your listing!

6. Partnering With a Luxury Real Estate Agent

Partnering with a luxury real estate agent who has experience in marketing and selling luxury homes gives you the insights and edge you deserve for the best deal on your luxury listing. Better yet, they will come forward knowing all it takes to sell a property, from the marketing to the transaction itself.

Market and sell your SoCal luxury home with Shonnie Jones this season! Contact us today to learn more!


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