The New Year is known for its motivation of setting goals and starting fresh, so if you’re a prospective buyer or seller, it’s natural to be thinking about real estate endeavors. Here at Jones Team, we want you to not only be prepared for the 2023 housing market but to get excited for the opportunities to come! Keep reading to learn more about what’s on 2023’s horizon.

Inventory Has Grown Over the Past Two Years!

If you’ve been paying attention, you’re probably aware of the seller’s market we’ve been in since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, the local and national levels of the market have become accustomed to the shift. Buyers, sellers, and their Realtors have adapted. We’re seeing the impact now in 2023 with more options for buyers to browse, improved negotiation from sellers, and eyes and ears to the ground from Realtors!

If you want a snapshot of the current market in Southern California, contact Jones Team today!

Preparation is the Normalized Standard

If being prepared for the housing market wasn’t prevalent back then, it sure is now! The seller’s market shifted how people approached real estate in general, adding pressure on both buyers and sellers to be more prepared on either end. Buyers had to come in quickly with secured funds and strong offers to stand out amongst the competition. Sellers had to put more work into their homes and negotiate a larger amount of offers. Realtors were the support both groups needed more than ever.

In 2023, it’s simple: Be prepared for the role you will play in the transaction!

New Year, New Opportunities!

Fresh starts, goal setting… the start of 2023 is a unique time to consider entering the real estate market for any purpose! Yes, inventory is not at the same level as it was years ago, but that shouldn’t deter you. There’s still hope in finding the home of your dreams, selling your home at a worthy price, or even starting a brand-new construction. Realtors are ready to take on your goals as their own… all you have to do is reach out! Besides, who else will help you see the market clearly for the months to come?

Contact Shonnie Jones of Jones Team to kickstart your 2023 real estate today!


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