If there’s one thing that has been established during the pandemic, it’s that the market is always changing… even when it doesn’t seem like it. While the market as a whole leans in favor of sellers, there’s been a shift over past months that buyers have learned to leverage. Keep reading for what to know as we head into winter and the New Year, and what you should keep in mind as a homebuyer in today’s market!

#1: Look For The Effort

As a homebuyer, you’re searching for a home that not only meets your basic criteria, but is elevated to the market’s expectations. Sellers are aware that nowadays, a home that isn’t accommodating in price or not meeting inspection requirements will not be as successful as one that does right off the bat. It’s your responsibility – with the help of your Realtor, of course – to look for the effort from a seller. Most likely, that effort will stand out on all fronts, from negotiation to the home itself.

#2: Be Prepared to Act Fast

Winter months may be slow, but that doesn’t mean to slow your own pace! If you find a home that you want, chances are that there’s several others making a bid on it, too. Work with your Realtor to be prepared for any circumstance, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer! Be aware of your budget, what you want in your future home, and what it will take to get there. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to your Realtor about receiving assistance for closing costs, especially if you want a little more confidence from the seller’s end about the transaction.

#3: Stand Out With a Serious Offer

The winter months naturally bring a slower pace to the real estate market, which means that sellers will have more attentive eyes on the offers that come their way. The other side of that coin? You, as a homebuyer, will have eyes on what homes are actually priced for their worth. Regardless of the season’s pace, it’s imperative that once you find a home and price that suits you, you have the financial capital ready to back your offer and the flexibility for any negotiations between you and the seller.

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